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    I.S.A. Formula 5™ and I.S.A. Formula 6 Super Combo    

    Science and Seduction Meet Head On-and has created Instant Sex Appeal Formula 5, or I.S.A. Formula 5, the ultimate attractant. No other products even come close.

    Fact: Women respond to scent more than any of their other senses. Also a fact: Women have a more highly developed olfactory (sense of smell) sensitivity than males.

    What is I.S.A. Formula 5? It's all you need to attract beautiful women. More than just a powerful pheromone enhancer, it hits all the woman's sexual receptors simultaneously through their sense of smell - and attracts them to you! It's been proven through scientific study and clinical trials. No one else offers a product this effective.

    Fact: The human pheromone in I.S.A. Formula 5 is the strongest seductive chemical compound in the world. Pheromones are nature's way of attracting the female sex. Now you can instantly get the unfair advantage and attract women instantly!

    I.S.A. Formula 5 is the most undetectable attractant on the market - the opposite sex won't know what hit them. Inexplicably - to them - people feel drawn and sexually attracted to anyone who uses
    I.S.A. Formula 5.

    Why take chances? I.S.A. Formula 5 is THE scent that attracts women without them being aware of it.

    This is a new SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY - even though human pheromone has been around since the dawn of man and it has now been harnessed and concentrated like never before with our patented seduction ingredients that make it THE ULTIMATE shortcut to seduction.

    You've seen this work in nature a million times. Just as the scent of flowers attracts honey bees, it's the same principle at work in I.S.A. Formula 5. The foolproof I.S.A. Formula 5 has the power to draw anyone.


    Amazing I.S.A. Formula 5 concentrates human pheromone and our proprietary attraction ingredients to mix with your own body chemistry and create a devastating effect which is not consciously detected or recognized.

    I.S.A. Formula 6 Business Success is all you need to succeed in business.

    That vast fortune you never thought could ever be yours, is waiting for. The newest I.S.A. Formula is all about success and money. No matter what your specific job may be, I.S.A. Formula 6 will move you into the fast lane of success. Employers will see you in a whole new light, they will want to promote you-to see you succeed. And that's just the start!

    Allow us to explain...I.S.A. Formula 6 is the world's first product that creates an Oxytocin reaction, the hormone that controls the level of trust and security in people. Scientists have proven that the hormone Oxytocin, is largely responsible for who we trust. For example, if you're negotiating a raise, if your boss or supervisor has high levels of Oxytocin, that means that this person trusts you, and wants to give you that bigger paycheck! Or if you're a salesman, working on a difficult client-use I.S.A. Formula 6 and your client's level of trust will be through the roof and you'll be able to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge. In other words, I.S.A. Formula 6 will increase the levels of Oxytocin in whoever you may come in contact with, and they'll soon be treating you as their new best friend.

    It turns out that much of the same principles that work in sexual attraction, also work in the business world. Everyone wants to be seen with attractive and successful people-if suddenly, on some unconscious level, your employer sees you as that type of person, soon you'll be the person everyone will be chasing after to get on you good side. It doesn't even matter how you actually appear-people will think you simply have that "certain something" that makes you irresistible and super-popular. And they're right-you've got I.S.A. Formula 6 working for you! Soon you'll be making contacts and connections you never dreamed possible, as everyone will want to be in your inner circle.

    But here's the best part-not only will people be attracted to you, they will instantly trust and respect you! It's the unbeatable combination that will guarantee your success! Whether you change jobs or start an entirely new glamorous career--or continue with your current job, it's simply a matter of time before you succeed. You'll rise up through the ranks and land the top job or even be able to start your own company with people begging to back you. You're limited only by your imagination-whatever you want can be yours, as long as you go after it! With I.S.A. Formula 6 on your side, you simply can't lose!

  • Benefits

    Who Benefits? Here's Who:

    • Young men (students, etc.) who are shy in their approach to women.
    • Busy professional men who have lost confidence in their approach to women.
    • The lonely, desperate and often rejected middle-aged man who wants success with the opposite sex.
    • Traveling salesmen who deal with housewives.
    • Servicemen (soldiers and sailors) who have limited time or funds to spend on ladies but want to "score" fast.
    • Men of all ages in offices who are seeking out a particular woman.
    • Men who have a physical handicap or who are unattractive to women yet want to "make-it" with an attractive girl.
    • Men who do not have the money for fine clothes or cars and don't want to pay a prostitute but would rather have a sexual experience or experiences with a beautiful woman, FOR FREE!
    • Husbands reported INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES with previously bored and disinterested wives.
    • Military Servicemen had outstanding success with local women who were TOTAL STRANGERS to them when they met.
    • Men going into bars reported actually being swarmed by WOMEN within minutes after walking in.
    • Men at bars, nightclubs and parties reported being surrounded by both MARRIED AND SINGLE LADIES.
    • Traveling salesmen and door to door salesmen reported increased sales and literally being dragged in by frustrated housewives.
    • Repairmen...servicemen...deliverymen...of all kinds...even those who were unattractive or ugly...reported almost unbelievable encounters with ladies in every conceivable situation.
    • Women's Libbers Groups have said that the use of pheromone spray as a sexual attractant by men is "sneaky, underhanded and devious and gives the male user a great and unfair advantage over the UNSUSPECTING WOMEN'S subconscious desires and feeling." All we can say is: "All's fair in love & war."

    Pheromones In the News:

    "A male Sex Pheromone which has a scent that attracts females" - Scientific American

    "The potential of this new discovery is immense. The scent will create a state of sexual excitement or arousal" - Playboy

    "This stuff makes any woman want to screw like a bunny" - Berkley News Gazette

    Whether you think you have the game mastered, or are just a wallflower, or you're somewhere in between - you need this weapon in your seduction arsenal.

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